Welcome to Guardian, a small shrine dedicated to the chameleon, Pascal, companion to Rapunzal of the Disney animated film, Tangled. This shrine was created for the Minor Character Fansite Marathon of 2012. The reason I chose Pascal for the event because - let's face it, Pascal is an adorable companion who plays with Rapunzel (to an extent) and is also helpful, funny, and is one to take charge.

If you have not watched the movie yet, you will be spoiled since there will unmarked spoilers. So, explore in risk yet also have fun ;D

You are currently viewing version two of Guardian that was made in Adobe Photoshop CS5 with a little bit of Jasc Paint Shoip Pro 8 thrown into the mix to create the image map (which was not fun to create.) It was coded in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 as well and it looks best in a larger resolution that 1024x768 while it looks fantastic in Chrome and hopefully Firefox. If it looks weird in Internet Explorer it's because Microsoft is lazy and does not understand "fuctionality" because I will not cater to it.

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