pascal image one

When we first see Pascal, we see him hiding from Rapunzel, who is counting down for him to hide. He immediately shows that he's a chameleon by blending in with the pot of flowers that he uses to hide. In the movie though, none of the animals talk and that includes Pascal. But, even though he doesn't talk, you can tell what he's thinking or feeling with his expressions or when his color changes.

His personality is quite like a older sibling by not being happy of losing again when Rapunzel offers more games after finding him and winning hide and seek. He's also very helpful by urging Rapunzel to talk to her mother when Mother Gothel comes back. It's also seen that he helps her in the mornings (despite not liking being dressed up) by the opening scene of Rapunzel doing her chores.

As the story progresses, it's shown that he can be the one to take in charge by calming the military horse, Maximus, as well as "warning" the horse and Flynn when they start to rough house on the bridge. Pascal is also shown at being amused of Flynn's freaking out of Flynn towards Rapunzel's hair and to what Flynn is about to see with the hair's magical abilities.

Overall, I find him to be a very interesting companion yet since it was great to see such an adorable lizard act as a second guardian to Rapunzel and acting like he's the same size of a horse and a grown man threatening them to stop. He's a wonderful character, even if he's a minor character because even minor characters can be important to the main characters.