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Φ Why "Guardian"?: It was the first thing that popped into my mind. While it may seem like such a huge title for such a small animal, it fits Pascal completely because he's truly Repunzel's guardian by caring and being there for her during the time she isn't allowed outside of the tower Mother Gothel keeps her in.

Φ Design: This design was done on the last week because I'm a huge procrastinator xD Thankfully, it didn't take long to make it once I found a wallpaper from Disney's UK official movie site. The wood background is from here while the top is a slight gradient that I made with the gradient overlay in Photoshop. I used a grunge brush at the right corner that is from Inobscuro while the font for the navigation is "Opticon" while the fonts (yes, two!) for the title is "Respective" for the "G" and the rest are "Shipped Goods".

And the ironic part? It's a HUGE design for a minor character that was completely unintentional, haha.

Φ Time for another adventure!

Wish to link back here? You could use one of the spiffy buttons that I or others made down below. Be sure to direct all links to and make sure to host the images on your own server or on an image host.

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Φ Affiliates

Apply here and make sure to mention "Guardian Affiliate Request" in the subject. Any fansite related to Tangled is allowed to affiliate, even the other shrines that were created from the Minor Character Marathon :D

None yet, awww.